Friday, January 29, 2010

A quiet Friday

Not much to report this evening ... it was a "busy with other things" day. I did work up this week's Friday Block Party challenge -- should have chosen contrastier fabrics, I'm afraid.

Invictus was great! Morgan Freeman portrayed Nelson Mandela as a wise gentle leader. The movie depicted tiny steps toward healing the injured society in South Africa in a positive hopeful manner. I came out of the show feeling uplifted and inspired.

Besides the "message" of the movie, the thing that struck me the most was how brutal rugby is! I'm not familiar with the sport at all and wow -- I had no idea it was that rough. I guess I thought it was more like soccer. Anne, how do you get through watching Sarah play??!!

Anyway, do see Invictus if you have a chance -- I highly recommend it!

Radha, thanks for visiting Spiral! I'd love to see your pictures of our snow, but you're no-reply and I can't get to the link you left. Please email me.



anne bebbington said...

Believe you me Jeanne the ladies/girls game is played just as hard as the male version - sometimes my heart is in my mouth especially when there's a player down injured as I always do the initial search for Sarah's shirt and then a mental check on the rest of the team but I guess it's like any contact sport you may watch your kids playing you know it's what they love and you facilitate their playing while holding your heart firmly down just under your adam's apple. Sarah's philosophy is get in there and hit em first and hardest as it's the ones who go in half hearted that end up hurt - must see the film now :o)

Diane said...

I've wanted to see the movie-just haven't had the chance-really want to now. Thanks for the good review.
I like your block even if it is a little "blendy".

julieQ said...

I saw Invictis too, I thought it was a good performance by Morgan Freeman, and it made me want to explore the issue more. Love your Friday block party block!

Meggie said...

We watched Invictus too, and enjoyed it. I had been reluctant to see it, being very familiar with Rugby because I come from the land of the All Blacks. In spite of the rugby scenes I thought it was a good movie, full of hope.