Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Thinking about applique

A new block-of-the-month scheduled to begin 
next week: 
Barbara Brackman is offering an applique series this year.  It will involve nine blocks, each of which are 18".  The quilt will finish out at about 70" square, depending on borders.

Barbara's accompanying articles are always excellent and educational.  I'm thinking carefully about doing this series -- I'm somewhat hesitant about making the long term commitment though.  But since I'm mentioning it here, that means I've probably already decided in some corner of my mind to participate.

Other applique projects on my bucket list include: 

Winter Garden, When the Cold Wind Blows
 Blackbird Designs

Warm Hearts, Warm Hearts, 
Blackbird Designs

Meadowbrook Acres, From My Heart to Your Hands, 
Lori Smith

There are not enough years left in my life to finish all the quilts I'd like to do.  Sigh.  No conclusions here,
 just thinking  …  


Monday, January 21, 2019


As I was doing a bit more (never-ending) scrap sorting, I found some good candidates for a few bullseye blocks.  Easy and scrappy/anything goes, so they're just right for filling in odd minutes in the sewing room.  These blocks finish at 8", and I'll probably aim for 48 total.  So this is another new start …


Sunday, January 20, 2019


Family of Bighorn Sheep that lives down the back road near Cactus Flats


Friday, January 18, 2019

Stars in Her Crown

Barbara Brackman's weekly sew-along:

#3 - Princess Alice of Hesse


RSC19: January - RED

RSC19: January - RED continues.
I set my sights on consuming some larger 
chunks of red fabric this week.

 A quick and easy approach: how about turning them into a strip quilt?  I used to make lots of strip 
quilts for guild charity projects, but haven't 
done one in several years.

I got the strips cut and joined in one morning's 
sewing session.

And the sew/divide work was completed in a couple of hours another afternoon.

Borders to finish things off, and now I have several yards less of odd red stuff in my stash and another top ready to become a donation quilt. 

and enjoy more RSC red projects!


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Blockheads 2

It's an "all's well that finally ends well" completion for a project that had been in a slump for many months --  kind of reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream :)

I finished stitching the binding on my Blockheads 2 Variation quilt last night, well before my February target date!  This is already my second completion of the year, so I'm offsetting several new starts I've undertaken this month: RSC, Stars in Her Crown and Bullseyes.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hope's Journey - Chapter 3

In Chapter 3, entitled 'Prairie Fowl', we are reminded of the hard work that was necessary for living on the frontier.  Everyone in the family joined in the chores -- even the very young children were able to help by feeding the chickens.

Game Cocks

Turkey Tracks

And this week I finally finished piecing Ships at Sea from Chapter 1!  This was the extra project where I veered waaaay off course -- the original mat was designed to be 12" x 12", but my version has turned out to be 52" x 70"! 

Be sure to click HERE and see Carol's progress this week.  It's fun to see what a difference our choices of color and print are making even though we are piecing the same blocks!