Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm finally making a bit of progress with the UFO bundle I unearthed a couple of weeks ago. (That pesky blizzard sort of interrupted me!) I'm up to 25 blocks, and they're assembled into a center. Now I'm considering whether to just make more of the same blocks, or do something different for a border. I don't often make quilts with this much white background space, so I'm still thinking about where to go from here.

My original inspiration for this project dates back to Lizzy's Quilt Blog in 2007. It will be a nice springtime quilt -- maybe this will be the year I get it done ...


I was afraid this might happen. Elvis, who is not the brightest dog in the world, figured out last night that he could hop up on top of the snow drifts and stroll OVER the fence and out of the yard. (Jess is too ladylike and also too arthritis-y to even consider such shocking misbehavior.)

Of course the snow has been this high for nearly two weeks already, but he just now caught on to the wonderful new opportunity outside. Luckily he went for a visit to the neighbor's yard which is also fenced, which slowed him down enough so we got him before he disappeared. He's only allowed out under escort now. Maybe the snow will melt soon? Maybe we have to shovel the entire yard?