Friday, January 29, 2010

Clearing snow

I think this is sooooo neat, just had to share it! This photo from our local KBHR news site is a crew clearing the snow off the roof of the elementary school. It's extremely heavy, and flat roofs cave in under the weight. This crew is a group of inmates brought up by the California Dept of Correction last week to assist around town. They cleared the roofs at my Dad's mobile home park right away last Sunday as soon as the storm ended (a couple of cave-ins over there unfortunately.) They've had these guys working hard all week, all around town. I think this is such a wonderful use of manpower that would otherwise be sitting on bunks waiting for mealtime! They've brought them up on other occasions, too, for brush clearance and work like that. Anyway, great photo and good helpers :)

Our local public works crews have also been doing outstanding work getting things back to normal around town. This (not very good) pic I took during the storm shows the kind of huge equipment they use to clear the roads -- the snow berms are piled up twelve feet high along the roadsides. These guys were working around the clock for about four days during the worst of the storm. They're out here every day making the roads safe for us. And the power company announced that yesterday they had finally restored power everywhere in the valley! So many trees came down, taking wires down too -- those guys had a HUGE job.

Three cheers for all our working guys!!!!

Here's a link to a short article at the KBHR site about how much snow we got. Apparently this was the most since 1969. We're feeling like we were part of history here :)

KBHR snow report



Radha (Big Bear Lake) said...

We got pictures of the guys on top of the roof at North Shore Elementary also. We also drove around town and made a short video of the snow berms, backhoes and snow plows. I hope you enjoy it. Click here; Big Bear Lake

marilyn said...

They sure do a good job at getting the snow
cleared for everyone. Really enjoyed the's amazing to me how
much snow there was.You sure sound
like your enjoying it.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

My Mom would have me shovel off our LARGE, HIGH deck when we got alot of snow - she was always afraid it would fall in. Snow is heavy! Dad never let us go to the grocery stores, bowling, Wal-Mart, mall, etc. if there was alot of snow on the roofs. I think we were too busy shoveling off the deck and then the roof of Dad's shop to even bother with shopping anyway - maybe that was the plan, LOL! Cheers! Evelyn

anne bebbington said...

what an excellent use of a labour source - I can never understand why we don't do it in this country