Thursday, January 12, 2012

Waaay harder than it should be ...

Yesterday I went back to this project that I'd started before the holidays, and for some reason I'm having a terrible time with it!  I think it's a right brain/left brain conflict ... churn dash blocks are easy, but these change color four times within each block.  Actually, the blocks aren't even churn dashes, they're quarter churns with center crosses.  I keep getting the wrong color in the wrong place facing the wrong way.  It's not a problem with the pattern, it's just the way my brain is processing it.  By the end of the day it was a good lesson in patience and humility :) 

We went to the movies last night and saw War Horse.   It was OK.  Very predictable.  War is such a waste.


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Dee Dee said...

I love this quilt. It will make a great quilt no matter how you pieced it. Thanks for posting all your quilts, I enjoy seeing what you have made.