Thursday, January 12, 2012

A good afternoon

 A cute little doll quilt completion, fresh out of the dryer!  I'm a member of SmallQuiltTalk Yahoo group, hostessed by author Kathleen Tracy.  She's offering a small quilt challenge of the month, and I just completed my first one.  It's based on the Mourning Crosses quilt from her book Prairie Children and Their Quilts.  Kathleen's blog, A Sentimental Quilter, also has info about the monthly small quilt projects if you're interested. 

I was very pleasantly surprised to receive the spring issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine in today's mail!  I wasn't expecting it for weeks yet!  Marcie Patch's charming design, Old Soul, has immediately been added to my To-Do list :)

And meanwhile, I am persevering with those confusing churn dash blocks ...


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Meggie said...

Love that Old Soul!