Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Another finish!  I sewed until I ran out of fabric for these blocks I pulled out  last week.  I'd hoped that this would be a comfort quilt also, but it's on the small side.  Anyway, another ziplock bag of blocks and scraps is done!

I keep my "general population" of stash upstairs in my sewing room, but also have another wall of fabric tote tubs, batting rolls, etc. down in the garage.  With the 130 yards I consumed last year I was able to condense down and eliminate one of those tubs the other day ... at this rate, I'll have the garage stuff used in just another decade or so!  On the other hand I'm expecting a fabric order to arrive any day now :)


1.  Bright sunshine and blue skies
2.  Pizza for supper   
3.  A happy phone conversation