Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter blooms

Busy and distracted this week, but I wanted to share my amazing amaryllis!  I've NEVER seen one this tall.  The fourth blossom will be fully open tomorrow. 


anne bebbington said...

You wonder how such a little pot can support it don't you - they are one of nature's wonders - so easy to grow and so spectacular once open - a bright spot in the chill of winter

McIrish Annie said...

Ahh, I can leave a comment! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your 12 days of Christmas with the look backs and the "word of the day". They were really inspiring!

I loved your 12th night quilt and wonder if this was a pattern and if you remembered the name of it. It would look stunning in my son's cabin on Lake Tahoe!

Anonymous said...

We have some of these in our garden - they are such a stunning plant. I think I read somewhere they grow an inch a day! I wish they flowered for longer though.