Monday, January 2, 2012


Now that we've made it past New Year's, the holiday season is finally over, and I can get back to regular life at last!  Whew!  Early in December the decorations and activities all seem so appealing, but by the time January rolls around I just want to get everything tidied up and peaceful again. 

It has been more than three weeks since I turned my sewing machine on, and I'm soooooo ready to get back to work.  Last evening, I did spend a half-hour in my room, trimming hourglasses for Orca Bay.  (Which I'm waaaay behind on!) (But no guilt in 2012, right?)  Anyway, it was too late to do anything really creative, but I was determined to at least spend some time up there yesterday -- you know that old adage about whatever you do on New Year's Day determines how you will spend the year ...

To get the ball rolling for real this morning, I pulled out this set of mile-a-minute blocks leftover from who-knows-when, and started adding strips -- could be my first comfort quilt of the new year in the making!  I'm just winging it here, instant gratification being the goal.  We'll see how far I can make those light and dark fabrics go.  It just feels good to sew again!

I ran across this hilarious blog article the other day, and wanted to share the laughs ~

Hey girl!

If you're up late tomorrow night (Tue night - Wed morning) step outside and watch the sky ~

Quadrantid meteor shower


1.  Rosemary-scented shampoo
2.  I reversed my cutting mat and put in a new blade, and I'm in rotary cutting heaven
3.  An ordinary day (!!!)


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Angie said...

I love these blocks---that will be one sweet 'comfort' quilt. :)