Friday, November 18, 2011


Today Bonnie Hunter published the first clue for her Orca Bay mystery.  I got a few of the hourglass units made this evening, but I need to sew at least a half-zillion more -- Bonnie's mysteries are rather intense :)  I'd totally planned to use a blues-and-greens combination, but this morning when I looked at the fabrics I had pulled out, they just didn't work for me ... so it was a last-minute change to browns and reds.

I also finished piecing all the blocks for my Christmas quilt project, and should get the sashing organized this weekend.

And I just discovered that Carriage House Samplings has not gone out of business as I thought it had. I'm getting the itch to do some cross-stitch again.  (in my *ha* spare time)


1.  Small-town life -- I always see someone I know at the market and the post office
2.  The house smells good!  I made gingerbread and homemade pizza today
3.  A glass of cool refreshing water -- sometimes I'm just thirsty