Friday, August 28, 2009

Mission accomplished!

All went well with Dad's move, and he's happy as a clam. We got his furniture in, and unpacked the basics, and now he's puttering, one box at a time. He keeps saying he feels like he's on vacation -- he lived in ( horrendously hot) Las Vegas for twenty-some years, and the trees and lake and cool nights up here are a welcome change for him.

Whew, what a summer it's been! So now we're finally done with moving activities. Forever, I hope. Someday, when I'm elderly and alone and get too old to live up here, good old Dave can take care of moving me someplace else :)

Not much progress around here recently, because we've been busy with the oldsters. I'm sooooo ready to get into a regular routine of creative time, and cooking and nesting. I want to DECORATE every room. Tony put up a hanging rack in the sunroom and my apple quilt got installed the other day -- an invitation to autumn. Each little thing makes it feel less like 'a house' and more like 'my home.'



Anonymous said...

Whew! Isn't moving fun? We finally moved into our new home on Sunday and I'm with you, next time we move, I'm having someone do it all! I'm too old for this! I am with you, I want to start decorating now to make it feel like a home instead of just a house. It will take time but it will be fun huh?

anne bebbington said...

Your apple quilt turns that dining area into a real 'you' area - lovely to see. Great that you've got your dad within a sensible geographical range - that must also be a weight off your mind - things can only get better! :o)

Teaquilts said...

Wow! I just fell into your site and very quickly scrolled the eye candy. You are an awesome quilter and I love every quilt I saw. I've had a lot of fun visiting you.

loulee said...

I love that quilt.

black bear cabin said...

The apple quilt definitely makes that room homey and personal! Nothing like making a room your own.
Glad your father is excited in his new pad...anythings gotta be better than the heat of Las Vegas...ugh!
Sounds like everyone is settling in nicely...hurrah for you! creative time is just around the corner now :)

Vicky said...

The quilt is wonderful, and is hanging in the perfect place! Congrats on getting Dad settled. Moving is no fun. Think Dave will be up to moving me, too, when it's time? LOL

AnnieO said...

Glad you're finally making your new home "homier". Nothing like quilty love to do that instantly!

Meggie said...

Looks like your Dad is going to be very happy!
Love that you are all settled, & can begin to do things for *you*!!

Kathie said...

glad your done with everyone moving and now you can find some time for you and your quilting
LOVE this apple quilt
oh yes I am so ready for the fall !
maybe I need to go buy some MUMS today!

Texan said...

Lovely just lovely!!! Are those green shades on your windows quilted? They look like they are :O)..

Mama Koch said...

Love the apple quilt, but I want to know what kind of rack it's hanging on.