Friday, August 28, 2009

Mission accomplished!

All went well with Dad's move, and he's happy as a clam. We got his furniture in, and unpacked the basics, and now he's puttering, one box at a time. He keeps saying he feels like he's on vacation -- he lived in ( horrendously hot) Las Vegas for twenty-some years, and the trees and lake and cool nights up here are a welcome change for him.

Whew, what a summer it's been! So now we're finally done with moving activities. Forever, I hope. Someday, when I'm elderly and alone and get too old to live up here, good old Dave can take care of moving me someplace else :)

Not much progress around here recently, because we've been busy with the oldsters. I'm sooooo ready to get into a regular routine of creative time, and cooking and nesting. I want to DECORATE every room. Tony put up a hanging rack in the sunroom and my apple quilt got installed the other day -- an invitation to autumn. Each little thing makes it feel less like 'a house' and more like 'my home.'