Thursday, December 27, 2012

On the second day of Christmas ...

Today I am grateful for my home.
CHATELAINE -- mistress of a castle or country home

I love being a "chatelaine" and I love my home!  Throughout the decades that Tony and I have been married, we've had six different houses.  This one, more than any of the others, suits me best.  It's a quirky place, but it feels absolutely right.  It's an expression of my personality.  It surprises me to realize that we've lived here almost four years already, and I hope to live here for the rest of my days.  We used to own a vacation cabin here in Big Bear (shown below), and enjoyed using it part time, but now that we're retired, we're truly HOME.

One of the things I like best about this house is the floorplan:  all of the other rooms feed into the dining room, making that the "heart of the home" both physically and symbolically.  It is our center, the place of sharing food and fellowship.  Since it has the woodstove, it is where we literally "gather 'round the hearth."  My table is round/oval by specific choice -- no corners! -- so we can always scoot over and fit another friend into the circle.  I think of the dining room as our tribute to Hestia, the ancient Greek goddess of the hearth and guardian of family life.

Color, light, sound, scent -- I take pleasure in making my home comfortable and welcoming. I enjoy the ritual of decorating to celebrate the seasons and holidays.   I like to browse through our local thrift shops and garage sales, and discover fun accessories that enhance my home's personality. I make quilts for my home because they are warm and soft and bright.  I collect vintage linens and tableware. I like to cook, and to have family and friends visit and eat with us.  I light candles at dusk to brighten and warm my home. 

Looking ahead: I will continue to care for my home, and decorate it to celebrate the seasons and holidays.  I plan to try a new recipe or two each week.  I'm looking forward to participating in Judy's What's Cooking? challenge.  If things go according to plan, we're going to have the sunroom remodelled this summer -- although it is charming, it's leaky and drafty!  I have visions of establishing an herb garden. I hope to welcome many more guests into our home this year.  

Looking back: During February of 2012, the bathroom redecorating project continued.  Elvis, our dear hound dog, was attacked and injured.    I completed seven quilt projects: one mini/doll size quilt and five comfort quilts, plus one for my home. I read five more books. I enjoyed hostessing my friendship group.



Angie said...

This is such a beautiful post, Jeanne, and I love the 'peek' into your home and favorite room/space in it. :) I love the specificity behind the round dining table. :) Your photos in the previous post are just gorgeous---oh you do live in such a magical place.

Anonymous said...

You do indeed have a beautiful home and your post is lovely.