Reading List


1.  Winter: A Spiritual Biography of the Season Gary Schmidt
2.  Civil War Legacies Carol Hopkins
3.  Quilts from the Civil War Barbara Brackman
4.  Buttery Shelf Almanac Mary Mason Campbell
5.  Facts and Fabrications Barbara Brackman

6.  Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Annie Dillard
7.  Underground Railroad Sampler Eleanor Burns
8.  Just Treats, No Tricks Betsy Chutchain

9.    The Springs of Joy Tasha Tudor
10.  American Doll Quilts Kathleen Tracy
11.  Civil War Legacies II Carol Hopkins
12.  American Quilts Jennifer Regan

13.  Ho for California! Jean Ray Laury
14.  Civil War Legacies III Carol Hopkins
15.  Remembering the Past Julie Hendricksen
16.  Seasons at Seven Gates Farm Country Living

17.  Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Dee Brown
18.  Farmhouses Marie Proeller Hueston
19.  American View Raymond Waites

20.  Liberated Medallion Quilts Gwen Marston
21.  Aunt Jane's Album Eliza Calvert Hall
22.  Star Quilts Mary Elizabeth Johnson
23.  Cold Mountain Charles Frazier
24.  Kitchen Gardens Mary Mason Campbell

25.  Country Gardens Nina Williams
26.  Lincoln Gore Vidal
27.  First Lady of the Confederacy Joan E. Cashin