Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On the first day of Christmas ...

"The next twelve days are the mystical interval between Christmas and Epiphany, when time is suspended and magic can happen.  It's a thoughtful time, filled with reflection and expectation." 

The weeks before Christmas are so hectic and full, there's hardly enough time to catch one's breath, much less be meditative.  I decided this year to take time after Christmas Day instead to appreciate the gifts of my life.  My thoughts and reflections will be loosely based on the traditional European holidays that take place this week, as outlined in a favorite book, The Winter Solstice by John Matthews.
Today I am celebrating the beauty of nature in this wonderful valley!  I wake up every single morning filled with gratitude that I am able to live another day in this amazing place.  

Looking ahead:  In order to celebrate and enjoy the beautiful world around me, I intend to walk outside for at least a half hour every day, weather permitting.  I got a pedometer for Christmas, which will be put to use as I chart the coming year's journey. 
Looking back: During January of 2012, we began a messy redecorating project involving all three bathrooms. I completed ten quilt projects, including four mini/doll size quilts and four comfort quilts. I read five books.  I baked bread.



Diane said...

enjoy your 12 days of celebration

Leslie said...

Beautiful! I love the deep blue of the sky, the animal photos and the snow! Thanks for sharing.