Friday, January 4, 2013

On the tenth day of Christmas ...

Today's subject is "community."  In the literal sense, I live in a very small, somewhat isolated, tightly-knit community.  We've lived here full-time for four years, and had a vacation cabin here for nearly ten years before that.  We have more friends and acquaintences than we can count -- this is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone else.  It's a very sheltered and reassuring community to be part of, and I'm grateful to be here.  I'll also mention a couple of other smaller "communities" that I belong to, in both cases as a volunteer. 
I've been a docent at the Big Bear Valley Historical Society's Eleanor Abbott Museum for three seasons now, and I just recently completed a two-year stint as that group's newsletter person.  Our area has a rich and varied history, and it's an enjoyable hobby to help preserve it. The members of this community are deeply committed to the Historical Society and the museum.
I'm also an active member of the local Busy Bears Quilt Guild.  I'm starting my third year as the Comfort Quilts Chairperson, and will also serve this year as the guild's Recording Secretary.  I especially enjoy doing the Comfort Quilts stuff  because it's truly heartwarming to share quilted hugs with folks who need some encouragement. This is also a very committed group -- this past year we donated quilts to our local chapter of Meals on Wheels, to Doves (the domestic violence shelter here in the valley), to Moms and Dads Project (a parenting support program here at our hospital), to the Big Bear Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, to the Wounded Warriors overseas program in Afghanistan, and to Hurricane Sandy victims in New York.  I'm proud that I personally made and donated 32 quilts last year for the various Comfort Quilts projects. 
 I'm deeply involved with and strongly supportive of all my very special communities!  I firmly believe that any group is only as good as its members make it.  I'm very fortunate to be at a point in my life where I can spend time and energy making contributions to my communities. 
Looking ahead:  Can I beat 32 Comfort Quilts for 2013?!  Check back next January to see how that turns out :)  I'm also interested in volunteering at the church food pantry in the coming year.
Looking back: I finished a doll quilt and three comfort quilts during October, along with two books.  Autumn here in Bear Valley is my favorite time of year! 

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