Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On the eighth day of Christmas ...

 ... the subject of today's contemplation is supposed to be weather, and people making predictions about the coming year based on weather signs.
I'm going to put a spin that, and reflect on "things beyond our control" ... weather being just one of them.  One of the primary members of my daily life is a fretter, a worrier, a complainer.  Always, about everything.  Including the weather, which I really truly can't do anything about.  It's exhausting to be in this person's company, because every subject is a matter for concern.  I spend a lot of energy just deflecting all that negativity, and feel depleted before we even try to get to anything good or new or positive.
Because of this ongoing challenging relationship, and personal knowledge about how it impacts me, I make a conscious choice every waking minute to NOT  be like that.  I actively try to look at the bright side, and to let go of things that I can't change.  And I try to limit the amount of exposure I have to negative people and depressing vibes.  I want to enjoy my life.
I want my cup to be always at least half full! 
Looking ahead:  Some serious resolution-making here, sigh.  I will strive to be a positive presence to those around me.  I will keep reminding myself that others react to things differently than I do, and to make allowances for that when necessary with patience and good grace.  I will make every effort to live my life in a joyful manner. 
Looking back: During August, I had a lovely birthday.  Tony went out of town for a couple of trips, so I had some (rare) alone time.  Because of that I was able to complete nine small newborn-size comfort quilts plus four lap size ones. (!)  I read four books.

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