Saturday, March 31, 2012

March review

I had fun this month! My comfort quilt commitments were completed right at the beginning of  March, so I was able to work on my own stuff for most of the month.  I was excited about the projects I was playing with ... probably because they were NOT Block-a-Days, and they were not "have-tos"  :)

Twill  - pieced, layered, pinned and waiting to be quilted
Succotash - done-done
McGregor - done-done
Strings - 30 blocks pieced, aiming for at least 48 or until those scraps run out
Anna Crain - existing blocks (from a swap) sewn into rows, may do more blocks or a border ??
Bertha Ridge - pieced, layered, pinned, halfway quilted (named after a mountain peak right across the lake that I see daily)
The Circle - finished, framed, and hanging in my workroom

Also accomplished this month: I read six books, Jake had his *operation*, family room was painted.

In April, I need to get started on some runners and/or other items for the guild boutique.  Last year I diligently finished at least one item a month all year -- this year, nothing so far.