Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January review

Wow, January's over already -- time sure flies when you're having fun!  :)  I got a lot done this month!  Eight quilt projects went from start to finish ... although four of them were just teeny little doll quilts.  I was happy to finish up two donation quilts, and one of them fulfilled the UFO Challenge, so I'm satisfied with having been productive and creative.  I'm liking not having very specific goals, just doing whatever I feel like.  Two more quilts are currently in the works, so we'll see how February develops.

The doll quilts are a new direction for me.  They're very quick, and therefore very gratifying.  I like having some hand work ready to pick up in the evenings, but they're small enough that they're not intimidating like a big hand quilting project would be.  I wouldn't say my hand quilting has improved noticeably yet, but these are good practice :)

In other areas, the year is off to a good start.  We're finally getting going on the bathroom redecorating, after nearly three years of u.g.l.y. bathrooms.  I baked bread, as I'd planned, and would really like to make that a regular activity.  Next month I'm going to try some rye flour recipes.  I'm being more religious about walking in the mornings and taking my calcium.  I'm up a few pounds from the holidays -- wearing the same pants, but tight rather than comfortable -- so I need to start working on that.  I read five books.  I enjoyed the bright blue skies, and the cold starry nights.

Life is good.


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sewprimitive karen said...

Have you really been in that darling house for 3 years already? Amazing. You're getting lots done. Walking is so important.