Sunday, January 30, 2011


 Another B-a-D set is history! 

I just finished stitching the binding on this one an hour ago.  For as much as I didn't like the bright pink B-a D quilt earlier this month, I do like this quilt a lot ... so it may be a "keeper." :)

The other day, totally by accident, I learned that my first husband passed away last summer.  The news sent me on quite a trip down memory lane ... high-school sweethearts, hippie-era young adults ... wow, we were so young!  We each remarried and had families, and hadn't been in touch for almost 35 years.

I hope that the total of his life was satisfactory, and that he was surrounded by love and peace at the end.

Isn't it curious: the baggage we all carry with us on life's journey?


1 comment:

Alice said...

Love the quilt! It turned out beautifully.
I am sorry to hear about your first husband, it is amazing to think that however briefly someone touches our lives they are always in there somewhere.