Thursday, February 18, 2010

Using our time wisely

(Ha -- did you ever get those minuses on your report card for NOT using your time wisely? I did. Staring out the window too much, I guess.) Anyway, both Tony and I have been keeping busy this week.

I've spent quality time in my sewing room for a couple of days, and I'm pleased to show Green Valley, my latest B-a-D/Friday Block Party creation. The blocks just keep accumulating!! Since last month's Cherry Cordial was done in a sashed linear arrangement, I decided to go on-point and blendy this time. This will have brown binding to frame it out, but not another border -- it's going to be my March table topper and it's the right size as it is.

And as for Tony: since his snow shovelling duty has abated, he's back to Home Improvement. The alcove behind the woodstove was dark and gloomy, like a little cavern, so he's using some special masonry paint to magically brighten things up. The dining room still needs baseboards and trim moldings, too -- unfinished since October when the working guys closed up that fake window and painted the high walls. Tony was on hiatus for the holiday season, but I've got him back in the saddle again :)



anne bebbington said...

Lovely green top Jeanne and good to see Tony being kept out of mischief :o)

sewprimitive karen said...

Your quilt top is very pretty and I'm sure you are glad that dark tile is getting all brightened up.

Texan said...

I love that quilt top!!

Looks like a good project going on there ... Love that wood stove!

We have decided to put inserts into both fireplaces here to turn them into wood stoves with blowers... ahem given the recent no power due to that awful snow storm that hit us :o(...for 3 days no power :O(.. sorry I am whining... still having flash backs LOL... it has made us even more determined... Inserts are being worked into the budget!

AnnieO said...

Nice little project you've put together--I like the part symmetry, part randon setting, all coming together with the background.

Tony looks like he's got a good handle on that painting job...

loulee said...

Your green and brown quilt is very pretty.
Gotta keep those men busy ;-)

julieQ said...

Looks like you have definitely been using your time wisely!! Love your quilt top!