Sunday, November 1, 2009


Time change! The clocks were set back an hour last night, but I'm up at my usual time -- it's nice to have sunlight first thing in the morning. If I can continue to get up an hour earlier than the clock, I'll have extra sewing time in the mornings :)

Amazingly, we had more than 2 dozen trick-or-treaters last night, even though we're way out here halfway to nowhere. We live on the corner of a "through street" ... meaning we're a half mile up from the main boulevard, but it is a stop sign corner on a road that leads to another part of the valley. Typically we get a car or truck coming past every five or ten minutes. It's dark back here though, no street lights and no sidewalks, and quite a few of the houses are vacation homes, so they're only occupied part-time. I hadn't expected any trick-or-treaters at all, so it was really fun to have them ring the doorbell! We even had two little dogs in costumes ... they got Milk Bones rather than chocolate!

Meanwhile, the working guys finally came back and we're in chaos mode again. They've removed the wall panelling in the dining room and closed up the window to nowhere. The family room is being painted a softer warmer moss green, rather then the dark hunter green it used to be. (You can kind of see the color change in the last picture behind the broom.) Dining room walls will be off-white, like they did the high stair walls the other week.

Dave and Jessica are planning to come up for Thanksgiving, so I'm anxious to get the dining room done!



Judy Laquidara said...

Love the new shade of green! Good for you for getting it all done.

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, it's looking nice. How cute about the dogs trick or treating~

Texan said...

Lots and lots of work, but its going to be so great when done!

Meggie said...

Much lighter & softer.