Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm smiling

Dingdingdingding! Presenting my first quilt of 2010!! I've been tucked away in my room whenever I've had a few minutes, figuring out the layout for Cherry Cordial, my newest "masterpiece." Lots of arithmetic and trial-and-error with this style of layout --all different sized blocks -- what is this called? A collage? A mosaic? Randomness? Anyway, I worked ahead on some of my Block-a-Day blocks because I wanted to get this one assembled for February. A few leftover swap blocks in here, too, and I'm pleased with how everything came together. We have some snow coming later this week, so I'll have a good excuse to stay home and get it layered and quilted.

A moderate crisis: our trusty waffle iron -- our breakfast companion for more than 30 years now -- gave up the ghost this morning!

So we took a little ride down the road to try out Sugar Pine Bakery, a new place that recently opened on the other side of town. Everything looked delicious! We brought home some cheese-filled pinwheels, a chocolate brioche, and a cinnamon swirl, all flakey croissant-type pastries.

We'll be shopping for a new waffle maker soon, but meanwhile Breakfast Plan B worked out pretty well :)