Thursday, October 8, 2009


My Hour-a-Day top is done!! ... only a few days later than everyone else's :)

I'm going to layer and pin it this evening, and plan to get it quilted up right away. We're having some workmen come starting tomorrow to remove wood panelling and do drywall repair and paint the dining room and stair hall (too high for us!), so I should be able to stay closed in my room with the dogs for the next few days while Tony supervises the guys.

I'm really pleased with this project! I like the warm autumn color palatte, and Judy's pattern was a delight. I'll probably make this one again sometime in a different colorway.

(It really is straight -- I was standing below when I took the picture and got a funny angle on the edges.)


1. A little flock of goldfinches at the feeders this morning
2. A steaming mug of orange spice tea
3. A pumpkin on the front porch