Saturday, August 15, 2009

So far, so good

The little autumn sampler is coming along nicely. I have a small piece of the background fabric left -- hopefully enough to do an inner narrow border of the background, and then a scrappy 'piano key' border of all the other fabrics for the final round.

The finished quilt is destined to be hung over the stair rail on the upstairs landing. The carpet up there is pine green, so I was aiming for something green-plus-autumny. I'm pleased with this result, especially because it has all been resurrected from the orphan/UFO tub.

The top will have to stay this way for the next week or so, though, because we're knee-deep in the Moving Dad phase of our relocation project. He decided to buy a little place up here, rather than rent, and he takes possession Monday. He's very excited about the lifestyle change. I'm very excited that both parents will finally be (separately) under my watchful eye :)


1. Vintage Eric Clapton music -- can it have been 30 years already?! I'm showing my age.
2. The apples on the tree next door are ripening
3. The freshly-painted-white kitchen ceiling! The entire room, ceiling and all, was dark tan before, and I felt like I was inside a Portobello mushroom.