Thursday, January 11, 2018

Steam Punk

A LONG ROW TO HOE - a particularly difficult or problematic task, situation, or set of circumstances to contend with or confront.

So this is what I'm REALLY working on this month:
This will be Enzo's birthday quilt, for his graduation to a 'big boy bed.' His birthday is February 5.

These are individually template-cut directional pieces. (And we're talking about more than 1400 pieces.)  The blocks involve curved piecing.  Each hubcap is hand appliqued.  I max out at about four or five blocks per day.

My goal is to have the block work completed by this weekend.  Then I can assemble on Monday or Tuesday, get it quilted by the end of the week, and still have a week to get the binding sewn down.

I've been cutting a second set of pieces as I've worked along, which will become Lucci's coordinating quilt later this summer for his birthday.

 I love these little boys!!!!


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