Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Sooooo Excited!

Well, we've been in this house a year and a half now, and it's finally time to start redoing the upstairs rooms.  My sewing room is first on the agenda, for various reasons ... but all the rooms need redecorating, carpet replacement, etc.  This is probably going to take all winter, sigh.

We spent today totally emptying my room, which necessitated finding temporary locations for all of my junk supplies -- not an easy task!  The hall bathroom is stuffed to the gills, the guest room is crammed with my books and bookshelves and the third bed and mattress in addition to the regular stuff that belongs in there, and I've set up a temporary camp in the living room downstairs for the duration of the project.  Just THE ESSENTIALS down there, but that room is already looking like a tornado struck. 

It will take a while to work through the whole project.  All the upstairs rooms are smothered in wallpaper (yes, that's blue wallpaper you see on the ceiling).  After my room is all steamed and scraped, we're going to pull up the old carpet, paint, put in hard flooring, and add new light fixtures and trim.  Then we'll drag all the stuff from the next room into this newly done empty one, and repeat, etc.etc.

Meanwhile, we won't be entertaining down in the living room any time soon, will we?  Tony is such a good sport.  And **someday** I'll be able to move back into my little workroom ...