Saturday, January 8, 2011


Tony was up and out early this morning.  He went over to the Discovery Center (National Forest Service headquarters) to participate in the monthly bald eagle count, so I had a chance to try out my new sewing area first thing.  The dogs are delighted with the new arrangement.  They can both snore in comfort while being less than four feet away from me -- happy campers!

First up was the new block from Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts series.  I love the crib quilt featured in her article this week!  This North Star block was quick and easy, and now I have two done toward my Christmas quilt.  I'm going to use this same background for the first six or eight blocks (because it was what was in the box of fabrics -- path of least resistance), and meanwhile unearth some other backgrounds to scrap things up.

 Then I made up this cutie-patootie elephant block.  This is the first in a series over at Friday Block Party.  I got about halfway through the year with them last year, and then got overwhelmed by B-a-D, but now I'm back on the bus with that group :)

I haven't been into my 1930s stash tub for quite a while, and the little scrap of circus fabric I discovered this morning seemed just right for this block!  I'm going to do all the FBP animal blocks in 30s prints, with the eventual goal of a toddler donation quilt in mind.

So the new sewing area is working out just fine!  The folding table I'm set up on is not quite as sturdy as my regular work table, but it's adequate for now.  I have three quilts layered and pinned and waiting to be meandered, so I'll be spending some quality time in there during the coming week!



Lindah said...

Go, Jeanne, Go! Nothing keeps a good quilting woman down. :-)

That lil' elephant is cute as can be. Looking forward to seeing your new studio!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I need a sewing day with no kids or husband around. No distractions, yup, taht is what I need!

Bonnie said...

Hi Jeanne - so nice to see pictures of Jess and Elvis enjoying their naps on beautiful quilts. I like your new temporary arrangement sewing by the bay window.
You always inspire me with your dedication to making challenge blocks. They all look great. The elephant block is so cute.
Give Elvis a scratch behind the ears from me................Bonnie

Alice said...

I like the elephant! Cute dogs.