Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patches

Honestly, I just blinked my eye and September is over already!  Today was a gray, drizzly, windy day, so it feels autumny.  We're having a garage sale this weekend -- keeping our fingers crossed that we don't get rained out!


Last week at guild meeting we had another block swap. (Here's my red-white-and-blue project from this summer's swap).  We traded Halloween blocks this time, and besides trudging along on B-a-D, I've been assembling the blocks into this quick quilt during spare moments.  Layered, pinned and ready to quilt -- I'm not going to get it done for October 1, but before Halloween, hopefully :)


1.  It stays dark later in the morning ... which means the dogs sleep later, which means I sleep later!
2.  Apple cider
3.  Chipmunks frolicking in the yard (and Elvis is still absolutely sure he's going to catch one every time he goes out)



black bear cabin said...

yet another wonderful fall quilt...but be warned, if you leave that on your porch someone will try to buy it at your garage sale :) if i was in the neighborhood, i would! i love its simplicity and colors...what a fun swap!

Leyla said...

Very nice fall quilt Jeanne, I wish you a very sunny week end.

Kathryn said...

Funny, we don't have chipmunks at all. Lots of squirrels. I've not been feeding the squirrels as much recently. (I've a feeling they are raiding my pinion pine, anyway.)

Where is the garage sale. We'd love to come by!

Good luck with the sale. We are so happy to be home to BB fall & out of the heat down the mountain.