Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patches

Honestly, I just blinked my eye and September is over already!  Today was a gray, drizzly, windy day, so it feels autumny.  We're having a garage sale this weekend -- keeping our fingers crossed that we don't get rained out!


Last week at guild meeting we had another block swap. (Here's my red-white-and-blue project from this summer's swap).  We traded Halloween blocks this time, and besides trudging along on B-a-D, I've been assembling the blocks into this quick quilt during spare moments.  Layered, pinned and ready to quilt -- I'm not going to get it done for October 1, but before Halloween, hopefully :)


1.  It stays dark later in the morning ... which means the dogs sleep later, which means I sleep later!
2.  Apple cider
3.  Chipmunks frolicking in the yard (and Elvis is still absolutely sure he's going to catch one every time he goes out)