Thursday, January 28, 2010

A quick Valentine project

The roads are mostly cleared, trucks can once again come up the mountain, and that means our mail service has resumed!!

I was delighted to get a squishie containing a set of heart swap blocks in our first batch of mail, and I zoomed them right up with alternating blocks. ( be quilted soon.) I'm going to use this as a table topper in the dining room. I'd planned to add another border, but I think the size is good, and the white border shows it up nicely against the red tablecloth.

The quilt hanging on the armoire is from another (long-ago) swap. The mix of pinks and reds in both quilts really works nicely together. And whoops -- there's the dogs' toy basket behind the chair :)

We're going to the movies tonight to see Invictus -- I'm looking forward to it!!!