Thursday, April 13, 2017

Moving this project forward

I've had this block set in a bag for quite a while, and today seemed like a good day to work on it.

I browsed through some reference books for inspiration,
thinking toward sort of a turn-of-the-century look. 

I decided on an on-point layout with plain alternating blocks. My block supervisor kept an eye on things.

A good afternoon's work! 
Borders to follow, one of these days ... 



julieQ said...

OH I love it! That red plaid is marvelous!

Nancy said...

It's gorgeous, Jeanne. I especially like your main blocks and also the red alternate blocks. Perfect choice. I've not yet made a quilt with alternating plain blocks but this inspires me to want to try one.

AnnieO said...

Great alternate block fabric adding a lot of charm! You work fast.

Terri said...

I love that you chose a red, and on point. So much more exciting.