Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Westering Women

Hooray -- we made it!
Barbara Brackman has taken us on
a year-long journey from
Independence Missouri to Oregon and California via

This final month of the series, she discussed the 'rain shadow' created by the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which caused desert hardships for the travelers nearing their destinations on the west coast.
Although we are much farther south in the state than the Humboldt Sink she was describing, we are at precisely the same geographic location in our local mountains -- the San Bernardinos and San Gabriels are the weather barrier between the Los Angeles coastal plain and the Mojave Desert behind us.  We live at the very top of that mountain barrier, at 7000'!  It's desert from below us here all the way across Nevada, Utah, and Arizona back to the Rockies.

This month's block is Road to California

An easy block, which I quickly added to the already-sashed-and-waiting earlier ones.  I used Barbara's "official"  set for assembly.  The striped border fabric was a *very vintage* scrap, used down to the last few shreds, not even enough to do mitered corners.  I'm planning to quilt this one next week.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series -- the historical information and the sewing challenges
were both just my style! 
I'm looking forward to Barbara's next series

which will begin the last Wednesday in January.


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