Sunday, September 18, 2016


I started a block-of-the-month with my guild way back in early 2015  -- in a rush and already late for the first month -- and having gotten off to a bad start I never returned to it.  Those few beginning blocks have been brooding in a storage tub for a long while, and they are finally next on queue to see some action.

I've been playing -- piecing quite a few additional blocks of my own choice this past week to add to some of the existing ones, and here's where things currently stand:

It's going to hang on the design wall for a while now, so I can make the next  decision: another round of blocks, or is this large enough to move on to borders?  No particular destination in mind, but another round would put it into queen-size range.

I made some retirement choices last month, which of course involved a lot of social drama, but I'm so enjoying being in control of my time and energy!  I can decide what I want to do, and when, instead of shuffling responsibilities and feeling guilty, or being stretched too thin and resenting everything rather than enjoying anything.  My spirit is in a good place these days!



Anonymous said...

Good for you! You have reach the best time of your life.

Nancy said...

What a beautiful quilt. I love the symmetry, the variety of blocks, and the colors. Maybe it's because fall is almost here or maybe it's just the colors but when I look at this quilt I think of autumn.
--Nancy. (ndmessier @,