Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking back

2015 was a watershed year for me:  my Dad passed away in January, and with the loss of my Mom just a few months prior to that, I am now for the first time in my life at the top of the list and alone -- without originating family.  Very strange to have stepped up, and though my husband and sons and daughters-in-law and soon-to-arrive grandson are very much with me now, there is a new sense of solitariness and endings.

Despite that, the year was very good.   We finally finished the kitchen remodel, which had been started in 2013 before the oldsters got so bad.  We had exterior painting and fencework done.  I became involved with Bear Country Quilts and Gifts, where I am now teaching quilt classes.  I also learned a new skill there: longarm quilting. Additionally, I completed 74 quilts in 2015, and since most of them were for the shop, either for consignment or for commission, I am fortunate to have earned quite a lot via quilting this year. We took a month-long trip across the country to visit Nick and Stacey in Boston.  Tony's family came out from Chicago to visit with us here.  I read 51 books.  I baked lots of bread, and gazed at lots of stars.

I greatly enjoy my home, and the small rural community where I live.  Our surrounding wilderness is beautiful.  My family is all safe and healthy.  I am fortunate to be able to spend my hours absorbed with activities I enjoy. 

All is well.