Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Long-range project planning

... as in: eleven years!
Here's a kit I purchased in 2004,
which has been curing in its box ever since.
The project is a large appliqued  quilt, called
 Christmas Memories - A Christmas Quilt for Emily, 
designed long ago by Blackbird Designs. 
The original quilt featured a subdued palette,
even softer and more blendy than this example I recently found online. 
  Many years ago I discovered a place (no longer in business) that offered kits for this quilt in
bright vibrant alternative fabrics.
  I didn't have the skill at that time to even begin working on it, so it's been waiting for me. 
 For a long time.
We are going to be travelling on an extended road trip this fall, and an intense hand applique project will be just the thing for a take-along.
So now, finally, I'm absorbed with
 rearranging block placement, 
organizing backgrounds,
and prepping applique shapes. 
In a few more Christmases
it may finally become a quilt!

1 comment:

CecileD said...

In a few more Christmases ???
No, I am sure we will admire it all done at the end of the year !