Saturday, February 28, 2015

RSC15 - Pink/February

One of my goals for February was to take a look at the Friends and Companions UFO blocks I've had tucked away since last year.  There were two sets of these blocks in the UFO tub, different color ways -- don't ask me why I started TWO. (?!) 

Anyway, the PINK block set offered itself for consideration, PINK being the RSC15 color for February. 

I decided not to make any additional blocks, since I'm no longer very interested in this particular color/fabric combo.  I just put them together into a small mat and finished it up. 
As separate blocks , the PINK parts seemed to be screaming for attention, but they don't look very PINK at all now that everything is together, do they?  In any case, I'm counting it as an RSC15 completion, and a February goal reached, and a UFO off the list!
More RSC15 PINK to admire HERE
Next month's RSC color is going to be be YELLOW and I already have plans brewing for that color!