Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stars in a Time Warp

Getting a belated start on
Barbara Brackman's new weekly series
Each post in the series will be a lesson on 19th century reproduction fabrics in a particular style or color.  Last week, Turkey red dyes were discussed.  This week's topic was Prussian blues.  I had a nice peaceful day in my sewing room, very therapeutic, and managed to turn out quite a few stars. 
I'm planning to work on two block sets during the series.  The first will include only red, green and gold backgrounds with muslin stars.  These blocks will be used in a particular project I have in mind. 
And the second set will include stars done in whatever the topic of the week is -- ending up with a mixed set, and I'm not sure yet how I'll put them to use.  The block in the lower right corner is made from a fabric that actually says "Prussian Blue" on the selvage -- deep stash, what can I say? :)
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CecileD said...

Jeanne, I'm so happy to see you again .....I love your red stars but I love too the mixed ones !!
Beautiful work !!