Saturday, January 31, 2015

January recap - February intentions

I started January and the New Year knowing I would have family stuff happening ... and sadly my Dad passed away mid-month.  But sewing is my escape and relaxation, and I did make an effort to squeeze in time in my workroom.  I set my goals for January realistically low and actually managed to accomplish most of them.

UFO - finish red Alphabe  DONE and gone to its new home already
NEW - Austen Album top NO - still hanging over the door, waiting for attention
RSC - ongoing: Chunky Churns, Birds, Pentland Crackers, log cabin runners, Greek Cross blocks, mini bow tie blocks   DONE - all blocks made, and both a Chunky Churns top and a log cabin runner completed
BRACKMAN - new star series, hopefully sew 3 per week DONE - sewed 18 stars total, plan to make two different quilts eventually using these stars
CULTURAL FUSION - still anticipating receiving the book, looking at purple fabrics NO - book arrived, purple fabrics not touched, this is on the back burner
SWAPS - mini bow ties, Sunny Lanes, two birthday club blocks DONE - all blocks sewn, Sunny Lanes still to be mailed this week
COMFORT QUILTS - Habitat for Humanity housewarming brown rail fence DONE and donated!!
OTHER - DONE - completed the teal blue shoofly UFO from last year's RSC

February should be smoother sailing.  No new Real-Life crises are anticipated, and winter is a good time to stay home and sew :)  A friend of mine is opening a new quilt/gift shop here in Bear Valley, and I'm going to be offering some items on consignment there, so I'll be sewing accordingly.

UFO - 
      make a quilt using pink + green 30s blocks
      quilt and finish Aurora Borealis
      quilt and finish blue Chunky Churns
NEW - 
      Easter runner
RSC - 
      pink log cabin runner
      6 pink Pentland Crackers
      9 pink  mini bow ties
      12 stars for the mixed set     
      finish Austen Album top
      two birthday club blocks (February)
      catch up on guild BOM - Jan and Feb
      take a look at the Friends and Companions blocks
           started last summer


julieQ said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your father for you. Peace be with you, and I too find lots of peace in my sewing.

CecileD said...

At this time, I didn't know your wonderful blog and your Friends and Companions blocks are amazing !!! Bravo Jeanne Feb, you are going to be busy ! What a big program !!! I'm impatient to discover your work !