Thursday, April 3, 2014

Let's Book It

Introducing a new-to-me challenge:  Let's Book It!

Sharon over at Vrooman's Quilts is offering a monthly challenge which encourages us to undertake new projects using our own extensive libraries of quilt books and patterns.  We are supposed to shop our stashes and bookshelves, and then start a project that we've been intending to get to forever.

I've decided to attempt a Halloween-themed Tile Quilt, based on a book I own: Tile Quilt Revival by Carol Gilham Jones and Bobbi Finley.  This book was published in 2010,and I've been meaning to try the technique  ever since.  I'm finally going to give it a go!  I'll try a block or two to begin with, and if I like the technique I'll go on to the entire quilt.

Tile quilts use a particular design process, and are especially suited to needle-turn hand applique.  I'm trying to improve my applique skills this year, so this will be an appropriate choice for summer handwork on the porch.  I've pulled some retro-style Halloween fabrics to start with, but will be adding more as things get underway.

Still in the getting-ready phase this week, but I'm looking forward to trying something new!


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Linda P in IL said...

I have that book too, maybe I'll play along.