Sunday, June 9, 2013

Smokey mountains

A big wildfire broke out this afternoon down on the Morongo Indian Reservation, about 25 miles from here.  The wind is sending all the smoke and ash right this way, into Bear Valley.  Click on the second picture to see the view from the airport looking at our local mountaintops, which are all but obscured by the heavy smoke.  It's been a very dry year, and we're in for a bad fire season.


Patti said...

Seems like the California wildfires get worse every year - and the phenomenon has moved north into Washington and Oregon too. I sure hope you are safe where you are. It's not as dry in your mountains, right? I sure hope not.

black bear cabin said...

we had some ugly fire business last year, so my heart goes out to these folks and the firefighters! may you get lots of rain soon! :)