Sunday, January 20, 2013

A finish!!!

Taa-daa!!!  I just finished stitching down the binding on Jessica's Valentine quilt this morning, and I'm feeling triumphant!  I started this on January 3,  so that's seventeen days, start to finish -- pretty good for a queen-size quilt, if I do say so myself.  This was my NewFO project for January, and it's donedonedone!
The story behind this project is that my very dear daughter-in-law Jessica likes to do holiday decorating.  When the kiddos were up here visiting in November, she chose some of my Halloween stuff to take home.  [Hehe, not even a problem, since we all know I have enough holiday decor to open a gift shop.]  Anyway, during that conversation she sweetly mentioned that she'd sure love to have big quilts for Valentine's Day, Fourth of July and Christmas.  [Now mind you she already has four other queen-sizers, in addition to a stack of lap-size quilts.]  [And Stacey, my other darling DIL, has her own collection too.  And as luck would have it, both wives really like quilts, since they came with the territory, so to speak :) ] 
Anyway, I said "sure",  as in: "someday ..." 
And then at Christmastime, we learned that Dave had received a very nice promotion at work, and that they'd be moving in January for the new position.  Soooo, I decided on sort of the spur of the moment that I'd make them a nice big bed-size quilt as a housewarming gift ... and since she'd already requested a Valentine quilt, and since we were now looking at the end of January -- well, I needed to H*U*R*R*Y.
So, they're moving this weekend, right now.  And this quilt, finished just barely in time, will go out in tomorrow morning's mail.  And they'll be cozy and in love and live happily-ever-after in their teeny-tiny new house :)
Don't ya just love a happy ending??