Sunday, December 2, 2012

Around the house - December

We still need to add some finishing touches to the decorations, especially in the living room.  I guess what we really need to add in there is presents under the tree!  :)    A second tree is peeking out from the corner in the family room, and then the row of little trees is on the plant shelf in the sunroom.   Those tree lights make the sunroom especially cozy at night, like a little restaurant booth.

Happy holidays from Elvis and Jake!   

... and so we've made it through the whole year around the house.  Thanks for visiting!



Anonymous said...

Your house looks so lovely for the Christmas season. I ADORE the treeslined up at the window - so pretty. We were going to put our tree up tomorrow but it will be 39 deg C - a little too hot, so we'll wait till the weekend.

jirons42 said...

Even if you've gone through a whole year, don't stop showing these every month! I so look forward to them.

Angie said...

Your December house is magical, Jeanne. :)

Hanne said...

Your home looks lovely decorated for Christmas :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your around the house for December!