Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Odds and ends

Here's my latest comfort quilt -- just a basic log cabin.  This will be going to our local domestic violence shelter. 


I got this at guild meeting last night.  The booklet seems to have very clear detailed instructions, and the knotting tool is strong steel.  These rugs look to be sort of half-hitched, rather than braided or crocheted. A 2' x 3' rug is supposed to use 12-ish yards of stripped-down fabric, so this could be a good stashbuster.


I've been trying to get this little maple leaf top done in time for Thanksgiving, but I simply won't have any more time between now and Thursday to work on it, so it's going to be folded over the back of the rocker just like this.  These blocks were from a nice swap at SmallQuiltTalk.