Friday, September 28, 2012


A Christmas Dresden Plate quilt has been on my To-Do list for many years, and the vintage DP quilt I found at a garage sale recently brought the project back to my mind.

  I've spent most of my quilt time recently working on comfort quilts, so this afternoon I decided to treat myself and take time to set up a first block.  I'm not sure the entire quilt will be completed for this holiday season, but I'm tickled to have it finally started.

I'm still having problems with nasty porn spam, no matter how I have my comments settings selected.  I'm going to try complete comment moderation this time, to see if I can keep the junk from getting through.  Don't worry if I close the blog temporarily now and then -- I'm just trying to throw 'em off my trail :(



Angie said...

Oh that Christmas DP is going to be gorgeous. I love this block. Makes me want to pull out fabrics and see what I have in the Christmas line. :) We have a lot of trouble with spam. :/

jirons42 said...

Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering.

Helen said...

Hi Jeanne, Your Christmas dresden is so pretty! So sorry to read that you are experiencing the spam comment thing. Hope you get it sorted!
Have a lovely weekend,
Cheers from Helen

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Pretty! I like to make sunflowers like this - had not thought of using Christmas fabrics. Great idea. Sorry about your S*pa*m issues - that happened to me for awhile too and then I set my settings so that all comments had to be approved by me. Seemed to fix it anyway so I hope it works for you too. Cheers! Evelyn