Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring fever

I finished up this month's donation quilt commitment right away: all three of them using fabrics from the guild's stash, so they're not really my taste, but done is done. 

Onward to playtime.  Since spring is approaching, 1930s fabrics seemed like the bright cheerful thing to do.  Starting with scraps that could be cut into 2 1/2" squares, I worked up 40 9-patch blocks yesterday.  I'll be doing some sort of alternating blocks also, to get an 8 x 10 layout.  And then the leftovers from the 9ps are turning into scrappy string blocks for a different block set. (They're being done on dryer sheet foundations, so they're smaller than the 9ps.)

Sooooo, I'm two projects in already, and I haven't even opened the actual fabric tub yet -- I'm still working from the scrap bag :)