Friday, March 16, 2012

Out to lunch

Lorna, Terry, Sue, me, Jacque (standing), Kay

My friendship group, Stitchy Fingers, gets together every other Friday.  Normally we take turns visiting at each other's homes. But as is the group's tradition, whenever a month has five Fridays we go out to lunch for the extra gathering.

This is a **lucky** extra-Friday month, so today several of us met at Mill Creek Manor Tea Room for luncheon.  I enjoyed lovely chicken-mushroom crepes and lots of laughter and chitchat.  And I saw a coyote run across the road on my way home :)



Angie said...

I want to come play too. Looks like loads of fun---I like seeing the coyotes but I do worry about my little dogs meeting them. :)

anne bebbington said...

What a lovely way to celebrate that extra Friday - looks like you had a wonderful time