Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last minute odds and ends

The kids will be arriving later today, and we're in "bed and breakfast" mode with bedrooms, bathrooms, meals and snacks, gifts, etc., all poised and ready.  Our next door neighbor's family already arrived last evening, and brought those five granddogs, so when Frankie and Cholula get here we'll have TEN dogs running along the fence in the yard!

Jake HATES that bad vacuum cleaner!!

Tony finished our most recent jigsaw puzzle just in time -- I need to clear the table this morning.

If you need new quilty inspiration for next year, take a look at this project:

It's a year-long mystery quilt finishing up at 72 x 90.  It was inspired by the red and white quilt exhibit this past year, so start thinking about a two-color combo and join the fun :)


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