Sunday, November 6, 2011


These little turkeys date back to Nick and Dave's Cub Scout days, at least twenty-five years ago.  This single teeny-tiny apple is the only fruit that appeared on our young apple trees this year.

It's been a sleety Novemberish day, making for thoughtful hours in the sewing room ... and my mind has been wandering.  I was surprised to recall that I've been blogging since November 2004, so this week is my seven-year blogaversary!  That's a LOT of posts, a LOT of years, a LOT of life's happenings, a LOT of Gratitudes recorded and gone by.  I began blogging long ago for some particular reasons, but my life has changed so much since then.  I'm not even sure why I'm still at it.

I only keep about two years or so of my posts listed, but even in that smaller sampling I can see how my outlook has shifted.  I'm feeling like maybe I've said it all already.  It might be time to refocus.


1.  Being mindful of darkness falling early on this first night of time change
2.  Lighting the candles and the woodstove to make the house cozy
3.  Quiet time with my thoughts



Diane said...

Whether about quilting, your family, dogs, house or life in the mountains; I always look forward to reading the snippets of life in your blog.
If you do put down the blogging pen; I will surely miss you.

Sharon said...

I too will be very sad if you put down the blogging pen. Yours was the very first blog I ever read! Your quilts are inspiring and you encouraged me to start writing gratitudes again daily. I hope you decide to allow your readers to continue to visit. Take care. Sharon