Saturday, November 12, 2011


I had good luck with books from the thrift shop today -- this pile was only $2.50

Finished up the quilting and binding on the rusty 9ps, and it's already on the couch being enjoyed by the dogs :)  It was hard to get an OK photo because it's pretty big.  I clipped it up to the porch outside, but then I got those branch shadows ... anyway, this is the best I could do with it today.



QuiltingFitzy said...

I've read all of Frank McCourt's work, WONDERFUL!!

I love your rusty 9-patch quilt, it looks very cuddly.

Hope all is well.

Diane said...

Tis, The Pilot's Wife I really liked. the Red Tent is one of my all time favorites you have a nice selection there! Can't go wrong with a 9-patch and that ones no exception.

AnnieO said...

Looks warm and cozy, perfect for that pile of books waiting to be read while snuggled under!