Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Nick and Stacey are enjoying a belated honeymoon in Italy!

I've been "lost in space" this month as far as quilting goes.  I haven't done a single thing since I finished piecing my big buckeye top, and that was more than two weeks ago.  I think part of my problem is that my "should do" project list never seems to get any shorter, so I never let myself work on "wanna do" stuff.  I just bog down and stop.  I decided to try some housekeeping and purging in the sewing room, to clear the decks and get myself back on track. 

Five UFOs have been sent along to greener pastures -- it always helps to mentally lighten the load, doesn't it?  Fifteen yards of fabric have been bagged up for the guild bargain table.  A stack of old magazines and books have been shared with my friendship group.  Things are looking tidier and I'm ready to get inspired again.  Onward, to a new month ...

Can you tell I'm procrastinating on layering and quilting that big buckeye top?